How to repair credit today, the most effective way.

MyCreditLocker is top of the line Credit Dispute software designed to give you access to everything you need to start disputing negative items on your Credit Reports, right now! The system is designed to keep you on track, and walk you through the entire process... step-by-step!

All you need is the
tri-merge Credit Report to get started!
Repair credit now on all 3 credit reports!

Our Software instantly detects disputable items on your credit reports!
Let the software show you how to fix your credit!

With just one click our system will show you how to repair credit report line items!
Now I can fix my credit just like a professional would!

Create Repair Letters: Our system will create all your credit repair letters!
All you have to do is mail the credit dispute letters to the Credit Bureaus!

Credit repair software that is absolutely free to use!!

All you need is the 3-Bureau Report!

What is MyCreditLocker?

We made it easy to repair credit!

All you need is the 3 Bureau Report to fix your credit! It’s that easy!

We will link you to the best 3 bureau report available to fix credit- which will automatically upload into our system! Once uploaded, we will automatically analyze your 3 bureau report for you to create your Credit Dispute letter or letters.!

I'm not sure how to read and fix my credit reports.
Not a problem!

This software package will automatically analyze your 3 bureau report for you, find all the bad credit items affecting your score such as outdated collections, late payments, charge offs, liens, and even bankruptcies and judgments. No other credit software can boast that!

Easy Dispute Letter Generation comes standard, not extra!

Writing credit repair letters used to be a complicated process with a lot of research, materials, and technicalities. Lucky for you, it’s automatically done for you with just one click of the mouse.

Want to see how it all works?
Take the tour to learn about our system!

With MyCreditLocker, you have access to a vast wealth of knowledge to educate yourself on the techniques used by professional credit repair companies so that you can begin to rebuild not just your credit, but your life.

Learn More about MyCreditLocker, as well as what steps you can take to being repairing your own credit score!

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